Walk into your disciplinary meeting feeling thoroughly prepared and ready to fight your corner.

We know how stressed you must be feeling if you have been called to a formal HR meeting.

Take some of the stress away by being thoroughly prepared and ready with our two page checklist loaded with tips and advice to get you ready.

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Should you bring a witness?

Our checklist will give you advice on how to get a companion and how to prepare them.

Not sure what should happen during the meeting? 

Page two of our checklist outlines what happens in the meeting and the normal expected format. 

Wondering what to say and what NOT to say?

Our Checklist helps you layout, what you want and need to say, how to say it and when.

The Tool You Need To Successfully Prepare for a Formal Disciplinary Meeting

Broken into three sections our checklist covers;

  • Preparing for the meeting
  • Pre-meeting on the day
  • During the meeting

Our checklist gives you guidance and ideas for what to expect in a disciplinary meeting. So you can attend feeling prepared and ready and know what the best format of a disciplinary meeting should look like. 


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