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If you have unfairly lost your job recently and are thinking of making a claim THIS course is for you...

The Complete Roadmap to submitting a powerful Employment Tribunal case to get Compensation.

A proven unique strategy to get compensation in less than 21 days.

Without the high cost of a lawyer, endlessly searching online and even going as far as an Employment Tribunal.



If you've been dismissed, made redundant or felt you had no choice but to resign we understand that you have a deep sense that you need to right that wrong and clear your name.

Perhaps you know that your employer didn't follow the process properly and didn't treat you fairly and ultimately the decision wasn't fair.

Or worse, if you've suffered discrimination and harassment and submitted grievances that have been swept under the carpet no doubt this has impacted your mental health.

Perhaps you feel that it's important to take a stand for anyone that comes after you? So that they don't suffer in the same way you did. Make sure management doesn't get away with it AGAIN.

Doing nothing rarely helps anyone, no matter how difficult it seems.

Have you ever hear of the story of David and Goliath? Where the little 'man' outwits the giant. The ultimate 'underdog' story. One of my favourites. 

Here at HR Solver we are passionate about empowering the underdog to win and supporting them all the way without it costing the earth.


Pigeon Japanese does count!

I met my partner online AND...I said on my profile I could speak Japanese... I can, just not fluently or under-pressure like on a first date and after a few too many wines!  Who can!?

When we met, I was a single mum struggling through a messy divorce and on my second solicitor whom I couldn't really afford.

The only increasing clarity that I was getting was that the legal system is a crock for ordinary people like me. I kept thinking why is THIS not taught at school NOT... SinCosTan!?

And it was through this that I realised real people were suffering everyday in the similar way that I had suffered. But more importantly, I actually could help. Having studied Employment Law in my HR Phd and spent the last 15 years advising employers I knew then that I had to help,  folk were suffering and crying out for cost effective advice.

So that's why I have created this course and HR Solver. To educate, encourage and empower people who are in desperate need of cost effective and 'advice effective' HR and Employment advice and support.

What do I mean by effective advice? 

In short, joined up, straightforward and easy to follow 'bigger picture'  advice and Training. A training course that you don't need a Japanese OR English dictionary to understand.

Do you know? 

  • The average Employment Tribunal award is £10,000 and your employer might pay a solicitor double that just to defend a case. 
  • A no- win- no- fee pay solicitor looks for 25% of your compensation.
  • You only have 89 days from your dismissal or termination date to make a claim.

This course is not for you if you have been legitimately dismissed and you are 'trying your luck'. Many employers have taken real risks to set up a business and in turn generated jobs for people to feed families and buy homes. HR Solver believes that employers deserve and should be able to have dutiful employees to do what they are paid to do and behave morally and ethically correctly. On balance, HR Solver also believes  discrimination, unfair treatment and poor management practice should not be tolerated and that people make mistakes.

In short, please do not buy this course if you don't believe you really have a claim and instead plan to manufacture one as a quick way to make some money. Sincerely, what comes around goes around.

By the end of this program,

you will have…


  • The proven strategy to avoid an employment tribunal and instead negotiate compensation. 

    The unique thing about this programme is that it teaches you strategy with the aim of being offered compensation. The aim is to make your ex-employer sit up and realise you know some of your basic rights. The strategy I teach means that you will improve your chances of getting an offer.
  • Know the strength and value of your claim 

    You will know how much compensation you might achieve in an employment tribunal. 
  • A back up plan: All the tools at your finger tips to make your witness statement, get a new job, calculate your schedule of loss.

    Ideally you will be hoping to avoid a tribunal, but not everything is a given, so this course will prepare you in the event you do decide to proceed to tribunal. 

You are not alone with HR Solver!

"I would like to share my experience with HR Solver.
Thanks to the professional advice. I managed to get good settlement agreement.
I received very good support and help from HR Solver. I have to say you really have been patient with all my queries.
Thank you so much to you all."

Marticka Burdil

I could not believe at the beginning that all these comments are from real people. I tried HR solver and it's amazing!!! All the advisers are so professional.

They gave me information using an individual approach, being full of empathy and attention. Thank you! Definitely recommend!!!

- Олена

 Trustpilot Review

I needed help with understanding certain procedures that neither ACAS not CAB were enough able to help with; at the times of legal aid almost non-existent, stumbling upon HR Solver was like a sleeping pill to an insomniac! I had several SMS chats with Stephanie that put my mind at ease and was able to, consequently, make informed decisions.
Many thanks to Stephanie and her team - it is great that such help exists!

- Vini

Trustpilot Review

Absolutely brilliant. No matter what time they have a patience to help you deal with any matter right in your pocket. They were more helpful to me than my union or any legal help that would cost me.

These guys are brilliant I would recommend these over anyone else. Brilliant idea. Help right where you need it. You wont regret it


Trustpilot Review

What’s inside the Complete Roadmap to submitting a powerful Employment Tribunal case to get compensation?

Module 1

The EXACT STEPS to take: The Timelines and Terminology laid out for you.

This module takes you step-by-step through what you need to do and when. You'll feel in control again and able to see the bigger picture.

Module Highlights:

  • You'll submit your claim.
  • You'll see the strategy we're adopting.
Module 2

Understand the Law and your Case

This module will show you how to make your case and legal points to get compensation.

Module Highlights:

  • Itemising your claim
  • Understanding what law applies to your case.
  • How to make a first impression with ACAS
Module 3

Negotiating for that settlement

You will learn the strategy of how to work with your ACAS nominated case manager and understand the tactics of early conciliation. 

Module Highlights:

  • Understanding the TRUE value of your claim
  • Negotiation tactics to get a settlement payment.
Module 4

Understanding how much compensation you can get.

Focussing on the issues of your dispute and highlighting the strengths of your case to compel a settlement.

Module Highlights:

  • Understanding your employer costs, advice and their frame of mind.
  • How to calculate your schedule of loss
  • Negotiation skills to support you in how to make the case.

When you enrol during this special, limited time period,

you’ll get:

The Complete Roadmap to submitting a powerful Employment Tribunal case to get compensation.
(A £2,000 Value)


  • The strategy and tactics for settlement: These 4 Modules teach you exactly what to do, what to say and how to present it.

    This course will give you the tactics and strategy to get a payment for the poor treatment you have suffered and loss of job without having to endure an employment tribunal.

  • 3 Exclusive Limited Time Bonuses

    These bonuses give you that extra edge and confidence for job interviews online and presenting your LinkedIn profile. 
  • Legal Empowerment

    Without having a deep legal knowledge you'll have more than enough 'know how' to progress confidently through the legal steps and understand the merits of your case.
  • Encouragement and Support 

    You're never alone with HR Solver. Each lesson has the opportunity to message the tutor with your questions. So you won't feel stuck.
  • Justice and Dignity

    If you've been treated unfairly or discriminated against, you'll restore your dignity and demonstrate that you have the capability and intelligence to fight your corner at work.

PLUS these LIMITED TIME launch Bonuses to ensure you cover every possible outcome.

Bonus 1
How to get an edge in online interviews', the ultimate interview preparation session.

It's easy to exclusively focus on fighting your ex-employer and forget about your future. HR Solver doesn't believe in this approach. This is a unique session to help you focus on the future and get back in the job market or be offered the job of your dreams.

You can buy this course independently.

(A £67 Value)

What You’ll Get:

  • Confidence and expertise on how to prepare for an online interview.
  • Coaching on how to respond to competency based questions. 
  • In-depth options on what to say about your last employment if you left under a cloud or if you have gaps in your CV.
  • PLUS an energetic value packed session from expert  Sarah Clay, from Sarah Clay Social on how to optimise your LinkedIn profile to get that job!
Bonus 2

Schedule of Loss Workbooks

Easy to complete and finalise, the Schedule of Loss is the legal document you need in an Employment tribunal to articulate the value of your claim. 

(A £69 Value)

What You’ll Get:.

  • 4 workbooks that explains every calculation point. In excel format and word/doc PDF
  • Guidance lessons. 
  • Case-by-case Awards for discrimination outcomes

Bonus 3

Witness Statements and being on 'the stand'. 

The next steps if you decide to go to Employment Tribunal

You can buy this course independently.

(A £97 Value)

What You’ll Get:

5 detailed lessons of how to write a witness statement in the legal framework. How to cross examine witnesses and how to ask a judge to make your employer bring a witness to the tribunal.

  • 5 Lessons on making your witness statements and witness interviewing. PLUS a free template on how to write your witness statement in the correct legal format.
  • Employment Tribunal 'To-Do' list. 

Unique 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


We know you will love how straightforward, easy to understand and supportive this course is.

Most importantly we are confident on how motivated you will be to act as all the barriers to getting justice is removed.

Further we know this course is excellent value for money compared to the costs of hiring a solicitor and searching endlessly online, that's why we offer this guarantee.

If after 30 days from purchase and you have completed Module 1 and lessons 1&2 from Module 2 and followed the lesson actions and completed the worksheets and still question this programme's value we will refund your money.

We know if you have completed the first 6 lessons, you will feel confident, energised, knowledgeable and most importantly empowered. Although you will not know everything about employment law you will also have a basic understanding and know what law apply to your claim. If you don't, after completing the first 6 lessons and their activities, all you need to do is email [email protected] stating 'Course Refund', in your email subject.

Frequently Asked Questions

What people asked before signing up for The Complete Roadmap to submitting a powerful Employment Tribunal case to get compensation.

Enrol in The Complete Roadmap to submitting a powerful Employment Tribunal case to get compensation today.

Comprehensive Support

All materials, templates, guides and workbooks at your fingertips.

Including our fabulous bonuses to help you get the job of your dreams.




Comprehensive Support in instalments.

4 Payments of 


(You could have your compensation before you've paid your last instalment!)

ENROL & PAY only £59 TODAY

Still thinking about it?

The Complete Roadmap to submitting a powerful Employment Tribunal case to get compensation is PERFECT for you if… 

  1. You're determined to go the distance and just getting started but want to do it right.
  2. You're already struggling with the amount of information you can find online and just want a clear path and to fix it once and for all.
  3. You are not willing to waste your money on a solicitor and get an exorbitant bill that actually doesn't get you anywhere. 
  4. Know that you are an intelligent person and that with a little bit of knowledge and work in this field can achieve the outcome you want.
  5. Already invested hours in arguing your case through redundancy consultation or disciplinary meetings and appeal meetings to actively show your employer how they are wrong on this one. You've already come so far....
  6. Are scared that you will miss something or not be able to understand the legal process or jargon. This course will take you step-by-step through the process and jargon so you don't miss a trick and that when the challenges come up you are prepared and know how to handle them. 
  7. You know that you have been unfairly treated by your employer and are entitled to a decent sum of compensation because of it. You are not trying to take advantage of anyone.
  8. Ready to fight for your entitled compensation and teach your employer a lesson on treating everybody fairly and with decency. 
I can’t wait for you to join The Complete Roadmap to submitting a powerful Employment Tribunal case to get compensation.

I created this course because I am passionate about the legal system being accessible to everyone.

Many people argue that it is. However, we all know that employers can afford advice and have the money to take risks such as 'getting rid' of people if their face or personality doesn't fit. They therefore come prepared to defend their case. They likely have been preparing for it before the decision to dismiss you was made.

How do I know this? Well because I've been advising employers for over 15 years on the tactics of dismissals.

And I have never lost an Employment Tribunal Claim. I have a Post Graduate in HR and Employment Law and have been practising advice on Employee Relations and Employment Law for over 15 years. There is not a lot I have not seen or heard and yes it does make your toes curl!  I have also written the book for Employers; 'No Employment Lawyer Required'. 

But now it's time to balance up the scales. And that's why I made this course; to empower you and give you the Strategy and Tactics to get the settlement you desire undoubtedly deserve. 

Especially when you have never been in this position are vulnerable and have no experience and knowledge to draw on; we don't taught about employment rights at school so I've made it my mission share this knowledge in a sustainable way. 

I am confident that this course is the one you need after the most difficult period you might have ever encountered in the workplace and it's time now to take some power back to get your compensation for that suffering you've endured. I remind you of the 30 day risk free guarantee and our payment plan. You really could have thousands of pounds of compensation in your bank before you've even paid the last instalment! 

So if you feel ready to regain your dignity, work through the proven strategy to get your compensation (that you deserve by the way!) join me today.

I  hope to see you on the other side when you join all the other 'David's fighting 'Goliath's'! 

Believe it can be done! You're never alone with HR Solver.


Founder of HR Solver

Enrol in the Complete Roadmap to submitting a powerful Employment Tribunal case to get compensation today.

Don't delay as you do need to make your claim 'in time'.

(You only have 89 days from your last day of employment.)

Comprehensive Support

All materials, templates, guides and workbooks at your fingertips.

Including our fabulous bonuses! (See below)





Comprehensive Support in instalments.

4 Payments of


(You could have your compensation before you've paid your last instalment!)