How to get a financial settlement without going through an employment tribunal.

VALUE: 4 Modules of Lessons on the tactics of Tribunal Compensation PLUS Bonus Workbook on Schedule of Loss.


Value of Legal Advice Given Normally £3,500

  • 4 Modules of Training to give you all the basics learnings about your claim and the strategy of how to get that compensation.
  • Step- by- Step guidance on how to submit a claim and speak to ACAS.
  • Full guidance notes telling you what to write and when to help you itemise your case
  • Lessons specifically on how to write down the value of your claim, 'A Schedule of Loss'.
  • Leave questions to get answers in the training from the tutor and Employment tribunal expert.
  • Bonuses including a one-to-one online session  with an expert (Steph) totalling £215, if bought independently.
Get the Tools to get Compensation NOW

A powerful system of email scripts, case and legal teachings and process tactics so the tribunal and your ex-employer understand that you are a force to be reckoned with… you'll become expert at negotiations...

In these training session you will go from feeling confused about the system and your claim to feeling empowered, confident and legally clear on why your entitled to compensation and how your case stacks up.

Within in less than a week, depending on how quickly you work through the sessions, you will understand the law on unfair dismissal and discrimination and how the tribunal system really works. 

1. You will know how to push the trigger for compensation using early conciliation in the right way.

2. How to prepare and frame your negotiations.

3. Be prepared on your case without using a lawyer and the high costs associated.

So easy to follow and do.

Our step-by-step training helps you make a claim, state your case and negotiate your compensation even if you have no knowledge of the law.

Two birds one stone?

Whilst making your claim and following the training you're also preparing in the event you have to go further with your claim; truly understanding your case for employment tribunal, without relying on an expensive lawyer. 

Make your claim in less than an hour.

Make your claim, and get on the road to getting compensation in less than a day.

Why buy this training? 

Hi! I'm Stephanie, 

I created this course because I am passionate about the legal system being accessible to everyone.

I have spent too much money on lawyers and have nothing to show for it and don't want this for you.

We all know that employers can afford advice and have the money to take risks such as 'getting rid' of people if their face or personality doesn't fit. 

How do I know this? Well because I've been advising employers for over 15 years on the tactics of dismissals.

And I have never lost an Employment Tribunal Claim. I have a Post Graduate in HR and Employment Law and have been practising advice on Employee Relations and Employment Law for over 15 years. 

But now it's time to balance up the scales. And that's why I made this course; to empower you and give you the Strategy, Knowledge and Tactics to need to make your case and get compensation without suffering the anxiety of going to employment tribunal.

Customer Email 

"I just wanted to say how grateful I am to HR Solver and Stephanie Robinson for her assistance in reclaiming my life after a constructive dismissal situation.

I first came across HR Solver when things started to go wrong with my line manager and got some great advice from Steph on how to deal with the situation. However, things got worse and I felt forced to resign.

Those of you reading this will probably all know what it feels like when your world gets turned upside down because one minute you were happily working in a job and the next minute everything has gone pear shaped. Feeling sick, panic, not knowing who to turn to, not sleeping, confidence completely knocked.

First of all, I turned to a solicitor, who confirmed I had a case and dealt with submitting my claim to the tribunal because I didn’t feel capable of doing anything for myself at that stage. However, she cost a fortune and never returned my phone calls, causing me even more stress and anxiety. At the point where I could no longer afford her, I reconnected with Steph. At last there was someone prepared to properly listen to me, which was amazing!

Steph is so good at quickly analysing the circumstances and, based on employment law, identifying the key inappropriate behaviours of an employer and how to challenge them.

I signed up to the HR Solver training and as I worked through the modules, got a clear understanding of my situation and how to tackle it.

My hearing wasn’t due until September 2021, but I decided to get everything ready so I could then put it to one side and forget about it until nearer the time. I worked through all the lessons on how to prepare  witness statements, my schedule of loss and how to communicate with ACAS and all the advice on how to frame my case. 

Doing this was really hard. I had to force myself through it, as every time I looked at it, it brought back such painful memories. However, I pushed through. As my knowledge grew, so did my confidence. By applying what Steph was teaching at each stage, I started to feel empowered and ready to fight back.

It was only then that I approached my ACAS conciliator to see if a settlement could be reached. Following the training, I laid out the reasons why my ex-employer might want to settle and proposed a figure. I asked if I could set a deadline for a response. My conciliator said this was unusual, as it was usually the respondent who set a deadline, but this is what I'd been taught. I said I would like a deadline for a reply please – I was now empowered, I was in charge!

To my surprise and relief, a response came back well before the deadline. They were prepared to settle but offered £7,000 less than I had proposed. I dropped my offer by £2,000 in order to show I was willing to negotiate, but had already decided I was going to go no lower – after all, I had my killer questions lined up to ask my employers at tribunal and had now looked at previous cases, so knew I had at least as much chance of success when comparing their circumstances to mine.

Again, using my training, I was able to emphasise to the conciliator that I was already prepared for the tribunal, in fact, positively looking forward to cross examining my ex-employer. 

To my amazement, delight and relief, two days later, my ex-employer agreed to settle for only £2,000 less than my original offer to them.

I now feel like a different person. I’m able to move on with my life, vindicated that the way I had been treated was wrong and knowing I have the confidence and capability of tackling anything!

So thank you again, Steph, you've given me my life back!

Best wishes

Sue x

Sue was one of our customers who resigned due to constructive dismissal who went through our training programme and got a settlement.

Although her employer 'hung out', many employers do settle much earlier than this.

The card and flowers in the below photos are what we got as thanks. 


Make your claim for compensation today.

Save time, money and don't miss the opportunity to negotiate by getting firm on the merits of your case and build up confidence on negotiation skills showing you will NOT take this lying down.

This is an brilliant bundle offer. What's included for £197?

  1. You get the 4 training modules with easy to follow step-by-step instructions on exactly what to say and do to get compensation PLUS access through the training to an Expert to ask questions about your case. Worth over £2,000 of legal advice and support.
  2. Our 'Schedule of Loss' training worth £69 independently. This training and template is imperative to negotiating your claim and understanding what figure you should settle at. 
  3. Training on how to prepare 'Witness statements' and how to 'be on the stand' in the event you need it. Worth £97 bought separately.
  4. A dedicated session with Steph over Zoom for 30minutes when you decided you need it. Worth £49 when bought separately.
Yes, I need this training and support.

VALUE: 4 Modules of Lessons on the tactics of Tribunal Compensation PLUS Bonus Workbook on Schedule of Loss.


Value of Legal Advice Given in this training Normally £3,500

  • 4 Modules of Training to give you all the basics learnings about your claim and the strategy of how to get that compensation.
  • Step- by- Step guidance on how to submit a claim and speak to ACAS.
  • Full guidance notes telling you what to write and when, to help you itemise your case.
  • Understand the legal basis for your claim.
  • Lessons specifically on how to write down the value of your claim, 'A Schedule of Loss'.
  • Get answers in your training lessons from an Expert on the process of negotiating settlements.


  • Witness preparation and training, if you need. Worth £97
  • An online call with Steph on your claim tactics and strategy. Worth £49
  • A Workbook which includes case precedents for submissions/articles on discrimination and the awards made by case type broken down  and sign posted for you. Invaluable, but we sell for £67!
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All the tools you need to challenge your Employer's WRONG decision and get Compensation.


1. Learn the step-by-step strategy and  process to getting compensation and avoiding a tribunal.


2. Through simple modular training, you will pinpoint the important legal issues that substantiate your claim and the true value of your likely compensation.


3. You will have at your fingertips all the tools from a proven tactical system to feel confident in making an educated claim for compensation.

"I received excellent advice delivered with empathy. The knowledge and guidance have been invaluable. I felt there was someone on hand to help put the Human back into Human Resources. Would definitely recommend. Thank you!"

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