How to calculate the value of your employment tribunal claim, so your employer HAS to pay up.

VALUE: 4 Schedule of Loss Templates


Normally £99

  • A robust and professional Schedule of Loss format so your employer can't ignore the value of your claim.
  • PDF's and step-by-step instructions.
  • Full guidance lessons showing and telling you how to calculate your losses and to help you itemise your case value using past cases relevant to previous case judgements.
  • Lessons and explanations specifically on how to itemise your claim for Unfair dismissal, and/or Breach of Contract and/or Discrimination claims. 
  • Leave comments or questions to get answers in your template and training from the tutor

Create a powerful Schedule of Loss document which will makes your employer really see the merits and value of your case and  understand that you are a force to be reckoned with.

In this Schedule of Loss  template and accompanying explanations you will go from guessing the value of your claim to feeling confident and legally clear on how much you stand to win. 

Within less than an hour, with our easy templates you will understand the value of your claim and supporting evidence you need and supporting law. 

1. You will know what statutory awards you will be due.

2. What evidence to list and keep to support your claim costs.

3. Get an easy spreadsheet for updating as times and costs increase so interest applies accurately. 

So easy to follow and do.

Our step-by-step template helps you create your impressive Schedule of Loss even if you have no knowledge of the law.

Have your Schedule of Loss written in less than a day.

By breaking down your case against your dismissal in our unique format, you calculate the total value of your claim without missing anything out. 

Two birds one stone?

Whilst creating your professional Schedule of Loss so you understand your claim you are getting a document to share with your employer and submit to the judge.

Why buy this training? 

Hi! I'm Stephanie, 

I created this course because I am passionate about the legal system being accessible to everyone.

Many people argue that it is. However, we all know that employers can afford advice and have the money to take risks such as 'getting rid' of people if their face or personality doesn't fit. They therefore come prepared to defend their case. They likely have been preparing for it before the decision to dismiss you was made.

How do I know this? Well because I've been advising employers for over 15 years on the tactics of dismissals.

And I have never lost an Employment Tribunal Claim. I have a Post Graduate in HR and Employment Law and have been practising advice on Employee Relations and Employment Law for over 15 years. There is not a lot I have not seen or heard and yes it does make your toes curl!  I have also written the book for Employers; 'No Employment Lawyer Required'. 

But now it's time to balance up the scales. And that's why I made this course; to empower you and give you the Strategy, Knowledge and Tactics to need to make your appeal case.

Customer Facebook Group Post "At an ET pre-hearing last week, the judge gave me leave to re-submit my Schedule of Loss. This gave me opportunity to complete HR Solver's training modules before I redid it and as a result I found and additional £13,600 to add to my claim"


Sue was one of our customers who used this Schedule of Loss training. 


Calculate the TRUE value of your claim today.

Save time get firm on the value of your case, whilst making sure you do not miss out potentially thousands of ££ss through ignorance.

  1. You get an Excel Spreadsheet, a Word Document and a PDF which is personal to your claim professional and smooth you'll also get training lessons on how to calculate your claim and what you need to back it up.
  2. Templates broken into the cost sections; including statutory award, basic award, injury to feelings, aggravated awards and interest.
  3. Clear easy to follow step-by-step instructions.
  4. Access to speak to a schedule of loss specialist and the template creator.
Yes, I need this easy system to calculate my SoL.

VALUE: Redundancy Appeal Letter Template


Normally £99!

  • Excel Spreadsheet templates broken into sections
  • Advice on how to present your formal and final Schedule of Loss document.
  • Our 5 Step Process and training guide uncovers the true value of your claim without missing out any costly areas.
  • Your finished schedule of loss will enable you to articulate your claim so your employer can't ignore you.
  • Leave comments or questions to get answers in your template and training from a Schedule of Loss expert.

All The Tools You Need To get the TRUE value of your claim.

1. Learn all about all the possible areas you are entitled to compensation. 


 2.Through using really easy templates, you will  pinpoint the total value of your claim itemising it clearly for you, the tribunal judge and your employer.


3. You will create a powerful Schedule of Loss that truly reflects your claim value and demands fair compensation. 

Yes I need the Schedule of Loss templates.