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Pigeon Japanese does count!

I met my partner online AND...I said on my profile I could speak Japanese... I can, just not fluently or underpressure like on a first date and after a few too many wines!  Who can!?

When we met, I was a single mum struggling through a messy divorce and on my second solicitor whom I couldn't really afford.

The only increasing clarity that I was getting was that the legal system is a crock for ordinary people like me. I kept thinking why is THIS not taught at school NOT... SinCosTan!?

I was fortunate, however, because I had my own consultancy and was just about able to hold everything together. And it was through this that I realised real people were suffering everyday in the similar way that I had suffered.

But more importantly, I actually could help. Having studied Employment Law in my HR Phd and spent the last 15 years advising employers on sacking people in the workplace, I knew then that I had to help.  We had switched up our website in the consultancy and added an online chat function as a test and we were overwhelmed that people were using it... desperate people (not the business clients we expected)...these folk were suffering and crying out for tactical employment advice. 

So that's why I have created this course and HR Solver. To educate, encourage and empower people who are in desperate need of cost effective and 'advice effective' HR and Employment advice and support.

What do I mean by 'advice effective'? Well, in short, tactical, joined up, straightforward and easy to follow 'bigger picture'  advice. Advice that you don't need a Japanese OR English dictionary to understand.


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Great and empowering session! If you doubt yourself, this will certainly encourage you to get started with your employment issue. Great many thanks for doing this!