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Looking to smash it in an online interview? This course is for you...

The 3 Step Process to getting the Edge in Online Interviews.

Have all the answers and be prepared for the most difficult of questions and GET THAT JOB!

This course is especially helpful if you have been made redundant or suffered a difficult exit from work and/or been to an Employment Tribunal and need to reset your confidence levels and struggling to engage in Online interviews.

If you've been dismissed, made redundant or felt you had no choice but to resign from employment you might be anxious about making the next career move and how you come across an interview. 

It's important for anyone to feel confident going into an interview, but in the 'new normal', most interviews are done online. If you have suffered in the pandemic with mental health or a difficult exit then you might be struggling with your confidence. Our course will build that back up! 

Here at HR Solver we are passionate about empowering the underdog to win and then get back in the saddle of employment and get offered that job!


Pigeon Japanese does count!

I met my partner online AND...I said on my profile I could speak Japanese... I can, just not fluently or underpressure like on a first date and after a few too many wines!  Who can!?

When we met, I was a single mum struggling through a messy divorce and on my second solicitor whom I couldn't really afford.

The only increasing clarity that I was getting was that the legal system is a crock for ordinary people like me. I kept thinking why is THIS not taught at school NOT... SinCosTan!?

I was fortunate, however, because I had my own consultancy and was just about able to hold everything together. And it was through this that I realised real people were suffering everyday in the similar way that I had suffered. But more importantly, I actually could help. Having studied Employment Law in my HR Phd and spent the last 15 years advising employers on sacking people in the workplace, I knew then that I had to help.  We had switched up our website in the consultancy and added an online chat function as a test and we were overwhelmed that people were using it... desperate people (not the business clients we expected)...these folk were suffering and crying out for tactical employment advice. 

So that's why I have created this course and HR Solver. To educate, encourage and empower people who are in desperate need of cost effective and 'advice effective' HR and Employment advice and support.

What do I mean by 'advice effective'? Well, in short, joined up, straightforward and easy to follow 'bigger picture'  advice. Advice that you don't need a Japanese OR English dictionary to understand.

By the end of this program,

you will have…


  • Built back your confidence and addressed any lingering feelings of not being good enough; 

  • Nailed responses to deal with any gaps in your CV or worrisome reasons for leaving

  • Understood the 'real edge' in how to engage online with your interview.

  • Know how to leave the best impression to get you selected for that job!

I could not believe at the beginning that all these comments are from real people. I tried HR solver and it's amazing!!! All the advisers are so professional.

They gave me information using an individual approach, being full of empathy and attention. Thank you! Definitely recommend!!!

- Олена

 Trustpilot Review

I needed help with understanding certain procedures that neither ACAS not CAB were enough able to help with; at the times of legal aid almost non-existent, stumbling upon HR Solver was like a sleeping pill to an insomniac! I had several SMS chats with Stephanie that put my mind at ease and was able to, consequently, make informed decisions.
Many thanks to Stephanie and her team - it is great that such help exists!

- Vini

Trustpilot Review

Absolutely brilliant. No matter what time they have a patience to help you deal with any matter right in your pocket. They were more helpful to me than my union or any legal help that would cost me.

These guys are brilliant I would recommend these over anyone else. Brilliant idea. Help right where you need it. You wont regret it


Trustpilot Review

What’s inside the 3 Step Process to getting the Edge in Online Interviews?

Lesson 1


You need to start any interview process in the best frame of mind, mentally and physically prepared. This Lesson covers how best to do that.

Lesson Highlights:

  • Turn the interview on it's head.
  • The 'blocker' that keeps you stuck.
  • How you can physically improve your confidence.
Lesson 2a

Interview Preparation

We'll really deep dive in this lesson to focus you on how to prepare for questions on your reasons for leaving, any gaps in your CV and YOUR suitability for the job.

Lesson Highlights:

  • Suggestions to responding to questions on your reasons for leaving and or if you have raised an employment tribunal claim or been dismissed or made redundant.
  • How to frame answers that 'smash it' for the dreaded competency based questions.
  • How to add something different that really makes your stand out and shine.
Lesson 2b

Preparing to handle the technology.

You will learn how to work with the online interview format and technology required to facilitate your interview.

Module Highlights:

  • Getting to grips with the things that could make or break your interview
  • Tools and hints to get you the smoothest interview ever.
  • Blow your interviewers away through a smooth connection to allow them and you to engage. 
Lesson 3

Making a 'WOW they are goooooood- let's hire them'  impression.

Make a lasting impression so you become their favourite! 

Lesson Highlights:

  • How to engage online. 
  • How to research in advance.
  • What questions to ask. 

Plus these LAUNCH Bonuses. Only Available for a LIMITED TIME while Course Launch is on.

Bonus 1

Reasons for Leaving Critique

What You’ll Get:

An expert to review your proposed responses to tricky questions on resignations or dismissals to give you confidence.

Bonus 2

Interview Checklist Worksheet

What You’ll Get:

Easy to complete to make sure you don't miss a thing every time you interview.

Bonus 3 Saving the BEST Bonus until Last

LinkedIN Profile training session with Sarah Clay Social, expert in LinkedIN.

Worth £59!

What You’ll Get:

How to improve  your LinkedIn profile if you are job hunting and looking to impress those future bosses and win that job.

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The 3 Step Process to getting the Edge in Online Interviews.

Comprehensive 3 Step Process

All 4 lessons including worksheets at your fingertips.



Unique 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


We know you will love how straightforward, easy to understand and supportive this course is.

Further we know this course is excellent value for money compared to the costs of not getting the job, winging it,  hiring a career coach and searching endlessly online, that's why we offer this guarantee.

If after 30 days from purchase and you have completed the lessons and followed the lesson actions and completed the worksheets and still question this programme's value we will refund your money.

We know if you have completed the lessons, you will feel confident, energised, knowledgeable and most importantly empowered. Although you will not know everything about what the interviewers will throw at you, you will have a basic understanding of how to respond to tricky questions and make the best impression. If you don't, after completing the lessons and their activities, all you need to do is email [email protected] stating 'Course Refund', in your email subject.

Still thinking about it?

This course is PERFECT for you if… 

  1. You're determined to get the job and NEED to get that interview right.
  2. You're already struggling with online interviews and don't seem to be getting the job.
  3. You have been out of work for some time and lost your confidence.
  4. Suffered a difficult exit and don't know how to frame responses to difficult questions about your past and any employment tribunal or dismissal from your last employment. 
  5. Are scared that you will miss something or not manage the technology very well. 
  6. Are very nervous or anxious about interviews especially face-to-face online interviews. 
  7. It's been years since you have been interviewed and don't know the first thing about competency based interviews. 
  8. Want to be thoroughly prepared and really stand out amongst the hundreds more candidates employers have to pick from today.
I can’t wait for you to join 'The 3 Step Process to Get the Edge in Online Interviews.'

I created this course because I am passionate about people getting back into the workforce especially after a difficult exit from a job through no fault of their own.

 And that's why I made this course; to rebalance the scales in terms of your knowledge, your preparation, your ability to shine for your new employer.  Especially when you have never been in this position before and thus have no experience of online interviews.

I know that you didn't get taught about how to make the best impression in an online interview at school because I didn't either, but I've been interviewing and selecting people for nearly 20 years and I know how to make your candidacy shine and what recruiters and employers are looking for. 

I am confident that this course is the one you need to ensure you get that job and get back into work after the most difficult of times.

I know money is tight right now and so I have made it the most cost effective and stress free way to learn how to really and truly get the edge in online interviews. Plus I remind you of the 30 day risk free guarantee.

So if you feel ready to regain your dignity and allow yourself to move on with your life and get that job you want then I'll look forward to seeing you on the 'other side'. 

Believe it can be done!


Founder of HR Solver

Enrol in 

The 3 Step Process to getting the Edge in Online Interviews.

Comprehensive 3 Step Process

All 4 lessons including worksheets at your fingertips.