How to master writing a powerful Disciplinary Appeal letter, with legal citations, so your employer HAS to backtrack.

VALUE: 3 Step Training and Appeal Letter Template


Normally £69!

  • You get 4 training lessons.
  • An unforgettable and professional appeal letter format
  • 4 PDF's and step-by-step instructions.
  • A Timeline Worksheet
  • 8 pages of Questions and Answers to help you itemise your case and use language to help frame your challenges.
  • Plus a lesson specifically on Appeal Hearing meeting prep
  • Leave comments or questions to get answers in your training from the tutor

Create a powerful appeal letter which makes your employer really reconsider your case and understand that you are a force to be reckoned with… even if you are no good at letter writing.

In this short course, you will go from feeling powerless and wronged to feeling confident and legally clear on why your Disciplinary appeal you be overturned. 

Within in less than an hour, with our 3 Step programme;

1. You will know the right things to write in your appeal letter

2. How to frame your appeal arguments

3. And why your organisation should reconsider the decision taken against you. 

So easy to follow and do.

Our step-by-step training helps you create your impressive letter even if you have no knowledge of the law.

Have your letter written in less than a day.

By breaking down your case in our unique checklist format, you write your letter without even realising you're doing it!

Two birds one stone?

Whilst writing your letter you are also preparing for your appeal hearing and truly understanding your case.

Why buy this training? 

Hi! I'm Stephanie, 

I created this course because I am passionate about the legal system being accessible to everyone.

Many people argue that it is. However, we all know that employers can afford advice and have the money to take risks such as 'getting rid' of people if their face or personality doesn't fit. They therefore come prepared to defend their case. They likely have been preparing for it before the decision to dismiss you was made.

How do I know this? Well because I've been advising employers for over 15 years on the tactics of dismissals.

And I have never lost an Employment Tribunal Claim. I have a Post Graduate in HR and Employment Law and have been practising advice on Employee Relations and Employment Law for over 15 years. There is not a lot I have not seen or heard and yes it does make your toes curl!  I have also written the book for Employers; 'No Employment Lawyer Required'. 

But now it's time to balance up the scales. And that's why I made this course; to empower you and give you the Strategy, Knowledge and Tactics to need to make your appeal case.

Customer Email "Hi Stephanie thought I'd let you know i had a disciplinary and the outcome was a first written warning, thank you for all your help and advice it was really helpful x" 

Jane was one of our customers facing dismissal whose job we saved with our advice. 


Write your Powerful appeal letter today.

Save time get firm on the merits of your case, whilst making it clear you will NOT take this lying down. 

WARNING! This is not your normal 'template letter download'.

  1. You get 4 training lessons and our 3 Step Process
  2. An unforgettable and professional appeal letter format 
  3. 4 PDF's and step-by-step instructions.
  4. Access to speak to your tutor and the course creator.

Plus a lesson on Appeal Hearing meeting preparation.

Yes, I need this support.

VALUE: Training and Appeal Letter Template


Normally £69!

  • Letter template broken into sections
  • Advice on how to prepare for the appeal meeting
  • Our 3 Step Process and template  guides you to uncovers processual errors 
  • Our 3 Step process will enable you to articulate errors in the decision- making 
  • Leave comments or questions to get answers in your training from the course tutor

All The Tools You Need To Challenge your Employer's WRONG Decision.

1. Learn all about all the possible areas your employer could have gone wrong in their process.


2.Through a really easy Q&A worksheet hone in on the issues you need to add to your appeal letter. Then use our brilliant appeal letter template to create your letter.


3. You will create a powerful appeal letter that challenges your employers process and their decision and demands an independent and fair appeal process. 

"I received excellent advice delivered with empathy. The knowledge and guidance have been invaluable. I felt there was someone on hand to help put the Human back into Human Resources. Would definitely recommend. Thank you!"

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